Sooo I’ve been watching once upon a time and really got in to it.
But. I don’t like what is going on with Belle, she’s not French? She’s Australian? Also beast is rumpelstiltskin?! Like. No…. That never happened even in the original story of Belle.
But I am only judging on the first episode with belle. But. Idk not liking that.

once upon a time belle

Titans TV Show from DC Comics Starring Nightwing Probably Happening


Numerous outlets are reporting that TNT is close to green lighting a pilot based on DC Comics Titans series.

Entertainment Weekly reports:

In the pilot, Grayson “emerges from the shadow of Batman to become Nightwing, the leader of a fearless band of new Super Heroes including Starfire,…

Number one Nolan is the person who destroyed the batman franchise. Batman and Robin was at least a good movie. Christopher Nolan disregards everything in the batman universe and makes shit up, or pulls little things from different stories and then calls it all his own ideas, and also steals from other movies.

Second. Wonder Woman was on tv. And in many different shows. And she got her own animated movie. Are we forgetting these?

Sorry. This just bothered me. I hate what Nolan did to Batman he is a plague on the Batman universe. And I’m very pro female characters. All my favorite characters are female. Stephanie brown has been my favorite for a long time, same goes for Babs! So I really like your blog Lol.